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Managing the IT infrastructure of any business requires time, staff and expertise in handling technology, all of which may be in short supply in a small or medium-sized business. As a business owner or manager ask yourself the question, how many hours or days could the company survive without email / internet access / or network down due to virus attack or hardware failure ? Do we have a disaster recovery plan, if so has it been tested?


Outsourcing your IT Support can give smaller companies the opportunity to maximise their IT systems by providing them with access to all of the resources normally enjoyed by larger organisations with in-house expertise. This kind of support could also prove crucial in a scenario where a business is looking to expand and needs to know it can rely on its IT set-up to cope with the IT requirements of the firm as it grows. It also allows companies to focus on their core business and not be distracted by technology glitches.

The best way to address the whole IT Support situation is to partner with an IT company who can provide a comprehensive service so that the business enjoys the benefits of an expert IT support service. So why pay for a service every month when you only really need it when something breaks? Because when something breaks, you are already down and have to wait for someone technical to arrive and restore your systems. – when your email goes down or accounts software stops working, you may potentially loose business as a result so it really is false economy taking the ‘pay as you go’ route.


In looking for a reputable IT Support company, you can base your requirements on the size of your computer network or how many computer users are in the office or working remotely. What are the mission critical applications? – email, spreadsheets or accounts software etc. In the event of a problem what kind of response times do you require, 4 hours, 8 hours or next business day. Armed with this information it can be used as the basis by which you can compare price between the different IT companies when they submit their proposals.