ODL Computer Solutions

Computer Hardware

Getting the right hardware platform is the first part of any IT solution, and can also be one of the more difficult parts. Our expertise will help you choose, commission and implement an appropriate hardware platform. We will pick the best solution from the appropriate hardware vendor (we generally recommend HP, Dell and Lenovo platforms for server, workstation, laptop systems).

We can provide computer systems from rack mounted servers through desktops and laptops through to tablets. We also have experience in audio visual systems and convergence of home entertainment, computers and tablets. We can provide printers, scanners, tablets, TVs etc.


Specification and Purchase

We are partners with the major suppliers and can supply equipment of your choice (for instance if you wish to use only Dell computers) or we can recommend appropriate computers for your needs and budget. We will sit down with you and help you spec up the computer whether it be a green-field site or a major upgrade, or even adding one new laptop to the network.



Once we have the computer, now it needs to be installed in the office, whether it is to be added to the existing network for a new user or a replacement. Replacing a PC can be a troublesome task as the user has many shortcuts, mapped drives, documents etc. that all need to be ported over. We are experienced at doing this type of work and can reduce both the downtime associated with this kind of migration and the difficulty a user can experience when moving toa new PC in terms of lost icons, shortcuts etc.


Integrating new hardware into a legacy network can be a difficult task. This can be more difficult now with new operating systems being released more frequently and the potential cost of upgrading old software to be usable on new systems. We can liaise with your software providers to minimise the potential issues here.



With the decreased life cycle of PCs now, it is sometimes more cost effective to upgrade a PC than completely replace it. We can help make that decision, whether it is a memory upgrade or video card upgrade.

Maintenance Support

So now the system is in we can provide a maintenance cover solution that will keep it running. This will include regular site visits, remote support, telephone support etc.